Sunday, July 19, 2009

Car Update... Zzz

I know, I know is been ages since I last update. well, because of the total success of installing the Mugen front lip and Type R grill for my car with the help of my dad. I decided to post it.

Love it XD
Sorry for the long gone.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Buntzen Lake...

It was a McDonald's Crew Summer fun.

The Family... from left Sabira, Michelle, Leeanne, Elena, Maria, Anna, Abby, Darryl, Doug, Linda, Brenda, Kaitlin, Justin, Me and Joseph. Missing Rachel. Missing in action - Agnes.

Me and my QB pose... lol

Can you handle it? haha QB Throw.

My brother got hit by my throw. haha

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Strawwberry Park

I'm soooooooooooo lazy so

see it in my bro blogs. haha sorry bro lol.

thats y is call lazy gene..


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Before and After...

After all the hard money I earn.. here it is. My Honda Civic, not finish uprading though. lol and guess what, recently got hit by another car. Damn stup, my car was park there nicely. lucky he left a note there. Anyways he cant run because the place I stay here got video cam. lol

Looking old.. sigh..

The Damage... Sob.

So got to change my Rims.... it looks so old...

It's time to change... yahoo. love it.

AFTERDamage repair... looks brand new after all.. lucky is not a serious hit.

Muffler upgraded... sounds awesome and totally hot..

And now I got to lower it, is too high... lol spoiler is next i guess...

P.s wearing shorts because is summer okay... is really hot.

Limited Addition add on Before and After lol. Cut my hair yesterday because was too long, but now kinda too short. sob

obviously this is Before.. lol

After... hmmm? better?

Till now...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Small Love Song lyrics - love songs mv small green soda

Small Love Song lyricist / composer: Qingfeng
This is a simple small people singing love songs of the heart of twists and turns I think I am very happy when your feet warm air to this is a simple small singing love songs of our hearts pigeons I think I am fit as a youth who eulogized in the wind Piaozhao

Even if the rain let you know that this city upside down, I will give you can not stand to see you embrace provides some background to the second degree as I wrote in the Nanai Lisao even the whole world was lonely, kidnappings, I would not run the final Tao Bule who are old, I wrote Chords staggered time and the Castle

小情歌作詞 / 作曲:青峰
這是一首簡單的小情歌 唱著人們心腸的曲折 我想我很快樂 當有你的溫熱 腳邊空氣轉了 這是一首簡單的小情歌 唱著我們心頭的白鴿 我想我很適合 當一個歌頌者 青春在風中飄著
你知道 就算大雨讓這個城市顛倒 我會給你懷抱 受不了 看見你背影來到 寫下我 度秒如年難捱的離騷 就算整個世界被寂寞綁票 我也不會奔跑 逃不了 最後誰也都蒼老 寫下我 時間和琴聲交錯的城堡

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Jack Pot

lol, the other day brought my parents to a Casino and gamble and I won lucky 7 jackpot. haha 71.75 Canadian Dollar man, is a one day pay.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Night Market

Today I brought my family to a Night Market located at Richmond, where almost 80% Chinese people living there. The night market start at 7p.m which I only got to know when we arrived there, there is this skinny Chinese guard telling all the people is gonna open at 7pm. So, we reach about 6.45 and my mum say we just wait till 7. I thought of going to the near by Ikea where there is Mid Night Madness open till 12am. Summer Sale, I just love the summer here. Cant wait to go to the beach.

Here we come to destroy the night market. Look behind us everyone is running away. lol

While walking I saw this Chinese actor from Hong Kong I think, he acted in some movie which is Kung Fu Ma Jong and mostly TVB Drama. However, I was not quite sure about it. So, I ask brother to walk infront of him and take a look. LoL~ And I ws right, it is him. In the end, my mum call my brother to ask for a picture with him. I'm too old for this stuff, I don really care. haha. At last my brother took a pic with him, then people start taking picture with him. lol and he left after that. Look how happy my brother is. XD

The night market here is kinda same like Malaysia, but no wet stuff like fish, vege those stuff.
it's very expensive here, almost everything is selling 3 or 6 dollar a plate. like a dim sum 3 dollar for 4 piece. My reacting was like Wtf? so exp? i spend 20 dollar there buying junk food and I'm not even full. it's was my second time to this night market. Last time, i took the skytrain and the bus to reach there. It takes about an hour to go there man, phew~ Lucky I got my lovely Honda Civic with me now. The gas here is not cheap thou, I know Malaysia is going crazy about the gas. here too.

My Reacting to The Price.

Look at the price!! 1 piece for 2 dollar. gila siao~

awhhhh I'm getting fat, eating to much McDonald

After the night market, we were still hungry. I can't believe it, after all I spend we were still hungry. sigh all my money gone. My dad wanted eat some Chinese food again, and since we are at Richmond the Chinese place in Vancouver.

The End.

Vancouver, Canada